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Revoltec Thermal Grease Diamond 6gram Bottle

Tuotekuva Revoltec Thermal Grease Diamond 6gram Bottle.

The Revoltec Thermal Grease Diamond uses diamond dust to provide effective cooling of CPUs, VGA processors and chipsets.

The integrated brush in the screw cap facilitates an very easy and smooth application of the heat-conducting paste.

The Revoltec Thermal Grease Diamond heat-conducting paste is comprised of 10% diamond dust to facilitate quick heat transfer, providing even more efficient cooling.

The heat-conducting paste is delivered in a glass vial containing 6g of the compound, enough for at least 10 applications.

Technical data:
- Type: Non-curing compound
- Capacity: 6 g
- Specific Gravity (g/cm³): ~ 2.4
- Thermal Conductivity (W/m °K): 4
- Thermal Resistance (°C/W): 0,087
- Electrical Conductivity: No
- Temperature range: -50°C - +240°C

The scope of supply includes: - Revoltec Thermal Grease Diamond