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OCZ HydroPulse, Water Pump 500L / Standard CPU and VGA Water Cooling / Ultra-quiet, 12V.

Tuotekuva OCZ HydroPulse, Water Pump 500L, Standard CPU and VGA Water Cooling, Ultra-quiet / Low Power Consumption.
The OCZ HydroPulse Water Pump is the ideal accessory for your enthusiast water cooling system, and is compatible with the latest CPU and VGA water cooling system setups. The HydroPulse 500 will seamlessly integrate with the latest waterblocks and moves 500L / hour with its powerful low-noise design.
Highly reliable and ultra-quiet, the HydroPulse will work silently to ensure your cooling system is operating at its peak and making the most of your overclocking potential.

* While designed to be corrosion resistant, OCZ reccommends the use of integrated anti-corrosive additives for all water cooling systems to ensure maximum lifespan of your products.

- Ultra Quiet Operation
- Low Power Consumption
- High Performance 500l/h
- Applicable to standard computer CPU and VGA water cooling systems
- Low-noise ceramic bearings
- Acid / alkaline-resistant (pH range from 5 – 11)*
- Rated Voltage: DC 12V +/- 10%
- Starting Voltage: DC 8V
- Power: 6.5W
- Load Current: 0.6A
- Q-max: 500L/Hour +/- 10%
- H-max: 2 Meters +/- 10%
- Dimensions: 46.7mm x 61.7mm x 59.7mm
- Motor Type: Brushless DC
- Power Connector: 3 Pin
- MTBF: 50,000 Hours

Accessories included:
1 x Anti-vibration Pad
1 x 3pin to 4pin Cord
4 x Connectors (3/8” and 1/2”)
4x Hose Clamps (3/8” and 1/2”)
4x Brackets