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zBoard Merc Gaming Keyboard Fin , USB

Tuotekuva MERC Gaming Keyboard by ZBOARD, USB

MERC™ Gaming Keyboard is a premium hybrid keyboard that features an integrated game pad powered by ZEngine™ Technology. MERC's innovative form and key profiles were engineered with the gamer in mind. The ergonomic gaming design was fuelled by years of research, plus feedback gathered during hundreds of thousands of hours of gaming action. MERC was developed for gamers to meet the exploding demand for high-performance gaming peripherals.


MERC's dedicated gaming terrain combines 34 gaming keys, a deadly central "butterfly" layout, three thumb keys and 11 weapon keys.
Sleek ergonomic game pad tilts 11 degrees to match natural wrist position while providing hours of comfortable gaming.
Core game commands are labeled for quick access, including run, walk, jump, crouch and reload.
MERC features multimedia keys and programmable hot keys.
Phantom-keys elimination capabilities delivers up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes.
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