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iMON VFD moduli ja kauko-ohjain, mCubed, hFX® mini PC-koteloon . LOPPU, lisää Vk. 13 ->

Tuotekuva iMON VFD moduli ja kauko-ohjain, mCubed, hFX® media PC-koteloon.
16*2 high quality VDF paneli, signalin maksimi kantama n. 15m.
This is an internal version of the VFD iMon, which is especially designed for the HFX chassis. This module also includes an IR, a remote control and a media center soft- ware which allows you to watch TV, record movies, listen to music and save your digital pictures. All menues are optimised for the use with the TV. For stand-alone use you can watch actual news and informations on the VFD.

iMON VFD: is very easy to install. It combines remote controller and VFD in one solution, which is also compatible with Microsoft MCE. Linux drivers are also available.

T-Balancer Plug-In: you can see current values from the T-Balancer like tempera- tures and speed.

iMON Manager: manages all software application to work with the remote control, like Windows Media Player, Real Player, Realone Player, Quicktime, itunes, Winamp, MusicMatch Jukebox, Sonique, Windows Explorer, Win DVD, Power DVD, JetAudio, Power Cinema,Jet Audio, MSN, SWAN's MP and many more.

Multi-Median: is a small and nice looking mediacenter solution, which manages music, videos, pictures, TV and more.

VFD with 16*2 characters
Special display modi: graphical EQ, system info, Email check, news, weather
Power on/off with remote
Scheduled Power on
useful and convenient Volume Controllability (Up/Down and mute)
Signal Reception Angle : 45 degree in all directions
Maximum Signal Reception Distance : 15M
Connection with internal or external USB

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